Group ride time discrepancy

There’s a bug and confusion with the times for group events.

On the companion app on iOS.

I looked yesterday for group rides for the next day and there were a couple of options 9am and 11am.

I chose 9am and added to calendar. Went in to calendar for 9am. So far so good.

The next day, checked again and it is now showing the same rides are 10am and 11am.

The same thing happened earlier in the week and I missed a ride because the time shifted an hour.

I assume this is a time zone issue. Or have the rides been rescheduled last minute?

Based in the UK and seeing exactly the same thing!

I booked a ride for this evening at 18:01, today it says 19:01 on both Companion and the web-site.

Now I don’t know when to have dinner! LOL

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Maybe due to the clocks going back?

Absolutely… but what time do we believe the Event is?? 18:01 or 19:01??

They should all be fixed now and at the correct times. Best thing to do is create a reminder in the Zwift companion app so that it reminds you before your ride at the correct time!

Thanks Sam… meaning the Zwift Academy Group ride tonight in the UK is 19:00?

Totally agree - I was supposed to do the 19:00 tonight , reminder came through 30 mins before - jumped on the trainer and it’s moved an hour later … what’s up Zwift!??