Group ride time changes?

I signed up for a group ride on Monday at 6am central time. When I looked at the event now, it shows it at 7am. This happened on another group ride that I tried to sign up for… am I going crazy? Are the times changing after I sign up?

Hey Dallas, times are being edited to match up with the original ZA group ride times due to time zone changes. Remember to set a reminder on your Zwift companion app in case this happens again.

It just happened again. On Monday, I signed up for Friday’s group ride listed at 6am central time in the companion app. Now when I check the time today, it’s listed as 7am. It was at 6am for multiple days. I don’t understand why the times are being moved and why all of the group rides are always at the same time on different days. I ride 7 days a week and there has not been a group ride at 6am AT ALL. Very frustrating.