See events more than 60 minutes away

On the new home screen layout, events tab and on the previous Home Screen for events–

Can we get more event filter options instead of just starting within the next 60 minutes? Like later today, tomorrow, etc?

I’m forced to continue using the companion app to see events later today or tomorrow, etc.


Companion App Full Functionality:

I think that is the intended use, people would use the companion app to plan events in the future and they will use the Zwift game to select events that they want to ride now or soon.

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Perhaps I am missing something here, so can you help me understand why you would want to start up the game to look for an event over an hour away instead of using the Companion app?


If it is, I see that as a missed opportunity as well. I haven’t been using the companion app for a while and since my trainer is kind of stationary it seems odd to require the installation of a mobile app to do the simplest of things. Same “bug” on the website, there you can only join events for the next 24 hours for no apparent reason.

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In an ideal world the home screen, the companion app and the websites would just offer the same functionality so users could chose depending on situation. Also, maybe I want to “book” the next ride, once I’m done with one. No one is saying, that they should take it off the companion app.

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