App and game 'join event' notifications

If I’m entered into a race I prefer to warm up by free riding until about 1 minute the start. On the app, notifications pop up and I can select ‘Not yet’. Great…

Then, at completely different times, a notification pops up on the game screen, saying the same thing but if I don’t select anything, after 30 seconds I’m automatically taken to the event.

This is really annoying… The only way I can stop the 2nd one automatically sending me to the start pen is to get off the bike and select ‘not yet’ on the laptop. The 2nd option isn’t synced with the ones that pop up on the app.

Please, if you can, sort this out. It makes the app useless really.

These are normally set to 5 minutes by default, so I’m not sure why you are seeing varied times.

I’ve been keeping eye on when they have been coming up, having done the Tour du Zwift recently. They’re seemingly pretty random, both on the app and the game, and never appear on both at the same time.

That’s odd - I just checked one of those stages and ‘line up last call’ is definitely set to 5 minutes.

The ones on the app and game are different. The ones I’m referring to are in game (30 minute first call, 5 minute last), where the ones in ZCA are a bit more random.

Yes, but unless I get off the bike and select ‘not yet’ on the game, I’m automatically transported to the start pen. I don’t mind being asked 100 times, but if it’s not on the app as well then it’s quite irritating.

Yep, get that, but it’s there so you don’t miss the start of the event which would be preferable?

You could use the app to deselect the event and then join it when you’re ready.

I can’t unselect the 5 minute in-game option without getting off the bike and tapping that option, that’s what is irritating me. It would be better if that appeared on the app too, otherwise what is the point of the app… I thought it was supposed to be like a remote.


Fair comment - I’ll pass on your feedback.

Here’s my fix. Don’t select Not Yet on Companion app when it first appears. Leave it open on the app. Then when the 5min warning on the game appears, hit Not Yet on your phone. Bingo. No getting off the bike.

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