Wanted - Companion App 6 minute warning

Hi all,

I always do a warm up before a race. When I get the 6 minute warning pop-up to join the event I need to get off my bike then select ‘not yet’ on the computer attached to my big monitor.

Why can’t the Companion App (which is attached to my smart trainer handlebar) mirror the message on my computer? It would save Zwifters from stopping their warm up when their monitor is not near the smart trainer.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

Yes. It makes a lot of sense. Any message like this popping up on the monitor should be capable of a response on the companion app.

yeah i agree - although mine is always 4 and a half minutes before the event.

the default for any pop up should always be no action so if you just leave it nothing changes.

I’m pretty sure I get a join/not yet option on my companion app on my iPhone.

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you do, but it doesn’t cancel out the message on the main game app, so you have to hit “not yet” on both devices… which is ludicrous

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@Stephan_Jusypiw - Another option you might consider (until this is addressed) is a wireless mouse you can keep nearby to allow you to click when needed. If you don’t have a surface nearby for a standard mouse, there are many different types that might work (say the one shaped like a std remote control with a trackball).