Do not Join yet options

I often race multiple events back to back, I try and time them so I can complete the first before going to the next…

I would like to suggest a feature request enhancement to the companion app.

I am able to not join races that I have signed up for until 5 minutes before they begin. This morning I had to get off my bike to click on No “Do not join yet”. At that point I had lost everything I had worked for in the previous 18 miles. I had 1 mile to go and if I did not click on “Do not join” I would have been kicked out of the race.

I would like to be able to have an option’s available to either 1. Click on “Do not join yet” from the companion app even at the 5 minute mark. I feel this should be able to be done until the 30 seconds mark. 2. I would like to make an event setting in the app that will allow me to join events automatically 30 seconds before event starts.