Don't automatically remove events from the calendar if late join is an option

Many events allow a 30 minute late join for riders running behind in their busy lives. However, unless you are already signed up, you can’t see the event in the companion app or on /events page after it starts. Unless you can find a link buried in a Facebook post to the original posting, you are out of luck.

Request: If an event allows for a late join, can you pls keep it on the events calendar up to the late join cut off? Thx

Jump on to Zwiftpower (everyone should be on it) and you will see the event there. Hit he “Join Event at” which will take you too the web based events screen where you will be able to sign up so long as you are in the 30min window and join late. Buggered if I know why you cant do that on Companion App but that will sort you out in a round about way.

Thx. Fingers crossed that companion app will someday offer the same feature.

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Another option is to enroll for the event early that way you will still see the event on the home screen.

If you are running late you are running late for something, so I would assume you are running late for the event that you can enroll before the time.

Yes. That would be ideal. However, I don’t like to sign up for events I don’t think I will make. However, when my time conflict suddenly goes away, I make a dash for my trainer and try to late join after I have found a link to the specific page. I finally decided to make it a wish to have late join events more conveniently available.

Events available to late join (that you hadn’t already registered for) used to be shown on the old home screen, I believe.

You are right. The interface for Android phones hasn’t been updated yet. I just took a look. Yep! Screenshot attached.

OMG! It’s still there! I didn’t even think to look! For me, issue resolved. Thanks @Dave_ZPCMR for pointing that out.