Late join - persist event in the homepage right hand panel

I had an annoying experience this morning on Zwift and ended up quitting early.

I had booked to participate in a group ride at 6am BST. Because of another Zwift bug, I ended up joining 20 seconds late and watched as the pack flew away without me able to catch up.

So, I decided to quit the event and late join.

However, by the time I had got back to the homescreen, the late join option on the top RHS wasn’t available because there were now more recent events that had started that had displaced the event I had signed up for. I assume that when I hit ‘quit event’ it takes me out of the event and treats me as if I had never signed up for the event.

A much better experience would be either:

a) Allow someone to ‘rejoin/late join’ a ride from WITHIN the ride (e.g. offer a button to ‘rejoin main pack’)
b) If someone has signed up for an event, make that event sticky in the top RHS on the homepage until after the event late join has ended, even if it is ‘older’ than newer events
c) Allow someone to scroll upwards on the top RHS to view ‘past’ events that started in the previous 30 minutes, where late join is still possible