No more late joining?

Looks like I can no longer join events (rides and workouts, not races) late from Zwift . com and have to join from the within Zwift itself. I would usually go to the event join link in ZwiftPower and join from there but can no longer do this when joining an event that already started. This is frustrating when already on a ride and I have to end and save the ride to get back to the main Zwift screen and then join. Zwift companion also does not show events already in progress.

Anyone else running into this issue? Did they just change the settings or am I doing something wrong?

I know the companion app has never shown events already started so that hasn’t changed.

I’ve never used the website to join an event so hopefully somebody else can comment on that.

Only places I’ve ever seen the ability to late join is the complex method through ZP and the website…


Going into the event page in Zwift’s main menu, and seeing what events have already started; they’ll be listed at the top “started X minutes ago”, instead of “starts in X minutes”

Thanks - yup, the method through ZP and the website seems to not work anymore.