Game update: December 13, 2019

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note announcing the big hairy distance bug was squashed last Friday on Mac OS, Windows OS, and Apple TV with version 1.0.43801. If you are still seeing inaccurate distances to the finish line, please update your game app.

Two places where distance is still screwy as of today (Monday Dec 16 2019)

  • The iOS version is pending approval by Apple, as their process takes a bit longer. We anticipate their approval imminently.

  • Events in the new Crit City world show incorrect distance remaining, and that’s something we’re already working on.


why on group rides do we not get the full 60mins?

Brauche diese Dinge auf Deutsch ??

I think you actually do. The issue is that the hour starts when the start gate timer hits zero, but the timer in the HUD doesn’t start until you cross the white line near the end of the pens. So, there is some time while you are actually moving where the HUD timer has not yet started, and this is the ride time you see at the end.

How do you update your game app ?


THANK YOU!!! It was disappointing when I did that powerful surge near the end and to boost my position from 1100th to solid 3 digits and it was all for naught

Hi @william_Reis1
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After you launch the game with the “Let’s Go” prompt, the game app should auto-update itself. You should see this screen:

During the Log in process, you should see the version of the game app that you’re running. Version 1.0.43801 is the current version.

If you don’t see this version on MacOS / AppleTV / Windows: manually uninstall Zwift and download the latest version.

iOS folks: 1.0.43801 is still pending release on the App store, but should be any day now. We appreciate your patience.

Dec 17 UPDATE: version 1.0.43801 for iOS released today.

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