Version 1.0.60474?

What mystery update 1.0.60474 was released late last night?

I can’t find any release notes and the companion app had no pop-up advising to allow extra time for a game update.

Here you go:

Do you have a link? Where is this screenshot from?

From iTunes

It’s from the bottom of the post about the previous update.

I’ve said before that I don’t find it very helpful when a post like that is edited to add notes on a further patch. It would be a lot more visible if Zwift at least replied to the thread as well.


That text from the Apple App Store is identical for 60474 yesterday and 60239 a week ago but the text accurately reflects the update a week ago.

Ah, Zwift edited the week-old post in Game Update - December 17th, 2020 without updating the subject. Yeah, that’s totally not helpful – I didn’t read that one because the subject referred to the update a week ago.


Well, I’m using Zwift since 1 month never had an issue, today launching the APP on my MAC I saw it has installed the update. Selected the Innsbruck ride and after 20KM (almost at the end) the APP crashed and I was not able to go back into the ride. I see I have a saved ride of 15KM even if I rode more than 20KM.
Any other user facing the same issue?