Running distance inaccuracy

Something is going on with run distance. I see this on iOS and Apple TV. A new run will start with a seemingly random non-zero number. I’ve seen it in multiple worlds and starting points. My Zwift versions are updated.

I believe the tracking of the runs start at zero for splits and final total, but the distance at the top is wrong since it started at a random number.


Hi Eric - I don’t have a solution I’m afraid but, although this happened to me on a couple of runs earlier this week the final distance recorded was correct and it also happened to me since. Hope your issues are similarly temporary (I use a windows PC rather than iOS or Apple TV).

Cheers - Alan

I think this gets fixed in 1.0.42x. It seems to be gone on Apple TV but not iOS. There’s another thread about the problem which I guess affects bike too.

Why does Zwift steer us to these forums if they aren’t going to chime in about bugs that they obviously know about and are working on? Seems like it would be easy to just have a guy pop in here and say, “yes this is acknowledged.”