Incorrect distance on Apple TV

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I’m having a little weird issue when starting a new ride in Zwift.
When starting a new ride the top distance bar would display that I already have cycled between 0,2 and 1,2 KM.

This only occurs when using the Zwift app on the Apple TV, on all other devices (macbook, windows laptop, iPad and iPhone) it’s just working like normal.
Btw it only shows incorrect distances on the top bar, on the right bar (Zwifters nearby) it shows the correct distance… at least that’s what I’m hoping :smiley:

This seems to be started after the last update of Zwift somewhere around 30/31 of last month

Some specs/info
Apple TV = 13.0
Zwift (on Apple TV) version = 1.0.41890

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Same problem here, the top bar shows an incorrect distance (or at least not the same as the riders nearby and not the same as the finally reported distance).
Also, some rides suddenly doesnt report for the weekly goal?

Ok that’s weird, as far as I can see all my rides are correctly reported in the weekly goal.

I too have noticed this issue. First it was abut .7 miles difference with the top mileage being more and the side bar mileage being less. The next day it was .3 difference. Will ride again today and see where it’s at.

Just created a support ticket, hopefully they can fix it :smiley:

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Yep same here on Apple TV (iOS 13.2) with latest Zwift update.
On top screen is reporting 400 meters to much. When saving to Strava I noticed twice that I rode less then reported in Zwift…

Exact same problem, also using AppleTv 4K. At the start of the ride both the top and side show zero. As soon as I start to pedal, a random distance of between .2 and .5 miles will suddenly appear on top. The sidebar still shows zero. The difference between the two stays constant for the whole ride and it’s the side distance that gets reported in the summary.

Same issue here. Just noticed at end of ride. ATV4, about 0.5 mile difference.

Same issue on Apple TV - distance reported as 3km at start of ride rather than 0km and distance differs from that on companion app and sidebar.

Quick Question, are you on the latest version of Zwift. the reason I ask is because I saw the same thing on last week’s update, but there has been another smaller update over the weekend that fixed this.
I am on Windows 10 so I am not 100% sure that ATV got the smaller update.

Yes - on latest version Apple TV app. Seems no issue on iPhone app.

Mike Cooke

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Same happening here also ,Apple tv latest Update and latest Zwift update

Zwift knows there is an issue, they are working on a solution.
All we need to do is to keep the app up to date!

@Gerrie_Delport Yup at least I think so, there are no update available in the App Store.
Btw I’m still running Zwift version 1.0.41890 (30 October 2019).

Just checked what version I’m running on my macbook and it’s a higher build (1.0.42125).
So perhaps it’s already fixed and they are waiting on Apple to get the update approved.

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Ok, so today that mystery distance did not appear at the start of the ride. Problem solved I thought. Almost. About 15 miles in, I noticed I was getting the 30 xp before the mile counter clicked over at the top, i.e. @ #.9 mi. Depending on speed, the right side was incrementing about 5 -15 secs sooner than the top and that gap seemed to grow as the ride progressed. Over a 20 mi. ride the reported distance still matched, but there’s obviously still a wierd sync issue going on.

Its not only the distance, timing is also off. Just did the Hilly KOM, was happy to gotten under 4 min - and the side table reports 4m00.3s.
That may explain that the distance offset actually increases on long rides.
On ATV 4k, iOs 13, Zwift current.

Same problem here, has been going on for about a week, only when I airplay (screen mirroring) to my Apple TV, from my iPhone. If I don’t air play mileage is correct. I have been starting out with 1 to 2 miles before I even begin my ride. My Apple TV is a first generation not able to get the app on it because of the age.

Hi all,

The problem seems to be fixed in version 1.0.42345 (released on 11 Nov 2019).