Distance ridden and distance saved don't match

Rode 30km according to Zwift on screen. Distance saved in Zwift was 29.2.
Also notice points were awarded at 0.8km not when the km rolled over like it usually does.

Yes this has been broken for a while. Distance in the data panel does not match the distance in the side panel or the Companion App. What Zwift outputs is what appears in the companion app.

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Only the last few days for me.

This happening from last update. At start is added some distance.
If you want be sure what distance you did during ride check in companion app. There is right distance.

I haven’t noticed it since the Halloween pumpkin hunt stopped, I think that is what caused it and after if was over on Nov. 1st I did not have any distance issues any longer.

Still got today „bonus” 0,5km on ride on iPad (all update)

Adding distance at the start of every ride for me still, wonder when this will be fixed

Same here over the last couple of days on Apple TV. People having this problem need to upvote this post to get it recognised though - so far it’s only got 2 votes which isn’t likely to get it much attention from Zwift.


This happens to me on ipad, although the distance is LESS on the ipad then the companion app. Its always off and I get the XP points at weird milestones, not on the km/mile. Today I did a race and the race did not finish at the right place, it kept going for at least another quarter mile… which was quite annoying. This has been happening since the last upgrade as far as I have noticed.

There is an update in the Apple Store that resolves this issue, it was released this morning.

Thanks I will update and see.

This happened to me again today where distance done was not same as that saved very strange and I downloaded last update.