Discrepancy between the two Distance Displays / Halloween Ride

In my ride today, towards the end I noticed that the large distance display (top-center of the screen) was off by about 0.8km relative to the one next to my name in the Riders Near You display. You can see this in my photos here


Additional photos show that the discrepancy was there pretty early in the ride. I’ll also mention that towards the end of the ride, I started noticing that the XP “ping” and credit was happening when my km counter passed km.8 rather than km.0. Were these Halloween tricks or new bugs?

I noticed too

I started a new ride later today and noticed the bigger counter was set at 0.9 before I even pedaled.

Yep same here

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Similar issue mentioned here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zwift/comments/dpxa1u/anyone_else_seeing_this_28km_distance_discrepancy/

Same problem here. Went for 30k and was a bit dissapointed when the report was 300m short.

Hey all,

I’ve flagged this up to the team and they’re working on getting a fix out for this soon.

The problem appears to only be a display issue with the distance value at the top of the HUD and won’t have any effect on your stats for the ride.

As a few of you have pointed out, the distance next to your name in the Zwifters Nearby list is correct, so you can refer to that for accurate distance until we can get the issue patched out.

We’ve already got a fix out for our Android users and updates to other platforms should be coming shortly.

Thank you all for reporting this issue!

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Hello all

My millage is different as well the same as has been shown in the picture above.
My total millage for the week so far is way out (50 Miles) i don’t think the last two rides i have completed since i noticed the glitch have been added.
Has anybody else noticed this?

Thanks mark

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I haven’t noticed anything like that Mark. If you are referring to progress to the Weekly Distance Goal as reported in the Companion App, mine is accurate.

The millage and the times are off on the goals section, compared to the completed activities. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch with mine or not. The rides are all there on Strava.
Thanks all

Thers seems also to be a missmatch between what is shown on the game screen and the companion app when it comes to km. In my last ride the game screen shoved nearly 26km, when shutting down the comp app shows 23km.
Also all the weeks totals are wrong in the comp app, as I have lost more than 50% totals both in km and in time :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Same problem, ride was 42km an Zwift/Companion and Strava show 29,85km …

Hope they will fix this problem soon.

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I double checked, and my previous reply was incorrect. My weekly total correctly reflects the rides I’ve done since the game update, but does not include one I did on Monday before the update. Looking at your numbers it looks like it might be the same for you (sum of your Oct 30-today looks like it’s about 73 miles).

I agree. Same thing has happened to me, too.

They fixed the bug related to discrepancy on the two odometer readings. But in the companion app, the goal distance is still wacky. As of today, my total for the week counts only the rides I did Thursday-Saturday. When I checked it on Friday it included rides Wednesday-Friday. Maybe it’s on a three day moving window? :crazy_face: