Never ending events

(Nobbi Nobbi) #1

at Wednesday, June, 6th 2018 at 08:00 a.m. (Germany)

Continental Ride To Win Challenge - Stage 2


and the same


at Friday, June, 8th 2018 at 08:00 a.m. (Germany)

Continental Ride To Win Challenge - Stage 3


(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Yes, same happened to me. Stage 1 was fine, but neither Stage 2 or 3 finished correctly. (I rode the same events as Nobbi I think, 7am UK time).

On Stage 2, the progress bar didn’t appear at all.

On Stage 3, the progress bar did appear, but was broken. It drew a “negative” bar (i.e. filled to the left, not the right) and the distance increased. It was more than 30km to go at one point, even though we’d done at least 5km.


(Parmi Dhillon) #3

Same happened to me on Stage 3 (7am UK), progress bar was wrong until I got to the end. Instead of finishing and showing me my final position, the progress bar reset and it looked like it wanted me to carry on and do the ~30KMs again. I didn’t.

(Parmi Dhillon) #4

In another post about this, Zwift support recommend opening a support ticket to get the credit for completing the ride.

(Mark „Tsu“ Mark (D)) #5

Yeah, write to support. But this really should be added to known issues and addressed asap because it’s a source of annoyance and negative stress—the two things you don’t want to experience as customer or when cycling to relieve stress.

(Morten Wernersen) #6

I had this problem too, but only on stage 3, the distance counter dident move and no results screen at the end, and no email!

I rode the afternoon 3pm cest start time

(Kristopher P.) #7

Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience upon completing the Continental Ride - Stage 2 and 3 events. We were able to resolve the issue on our side. Please submit a support ticket ( and you will receive full credit for completing the ride.
Ride On!