Was my Stage 3 ride the wrong course?

Joined the 2PM (EST) Stage 3 of tdZ about 30 seconds before start time. The ride took place in London, but it went up Box Hill, when I was expecting Keith Hill. The course also seemed shorter than I expected. Other riders commented during the ride that the course wasn’t what they expected, from advance reading on the tdZ web pages. Also my avatar was different from my usual one, all avatars looked the same. And when I finished, it didn’t save ride as tour de Zwift, but rather as FTP Builder-Foundation.

So what’s going on? And do I have to redo stage 3?

My wife and I both had the same issue separately today. Did the box hill route, got credit and the email confirmation, but not really the point. Going to try again at 9pm GMT. Is there a fix for this?

Entered the Stage 3 @ 7pm and also got mis-routed on the Box Hill route! Watched the pack head right as I was taken left with a handful of other fellow riders…


Ok, just joined Zwift this month and was going to do the 9 stages of the TdZ, but today he didnt count my stage3tour… did 42km in total.

Do we have to take the correct turns ourself in the game?

Don t know all those new roads in this game but after 42km I stopped. I don t have a thumb up for stage3.
After what Alex said I shecked the corse i road with the original and its far from the same… :-/

Short update, tried again at 9pm GMT and this time went up Fox hill. So now done Box, Fox but not Keith

I got directed to the same route as you, right from start within the first 100 meters. I rode the loop 3 times and quit.

I got no confirmation I have completed stage 3.

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So I’m not the only one. I got an email confirmation, but I still might try again tomorrow because Keith Hill looks fun.

Hey all we’re investigating these cases. Will update soon, thank you for being patient with us!

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I received no email. And app also shows the ride as not complete.

I’m reviewing everyone that said they did not receive credit for Stage 3 here. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

I rode the right course but checking the results at least 28 people in my ride were sent on the wrong course (London Loop) up Box Hill and only did 15km instead of the full 38km. It seems like Zwift is setting the course incorrectly from the start and there’s nothing you can about it if you’'re unlucky enough for it to happen to you.

Zwift really needs to make this a priority and sort this stuff out as this has been going on for ages. Every time there is a big group ride there are people being sent the wrong way.

If Zwift are serious about getting into e-sports then they need to fix it. Having nearly 3% of riders being sent off course is pretty annoying in a group ride but imagine if this happens in one of their e-sports races. It would make Zwift a laughing stock.

@Chay_Mckenzie @HarryV @Alex_King @Andrew_Ascher I credited you all with Stage 3. Sorry for the trouble, we should be implementing a fix rather soon.

Same here. Finished after 15.5km after turning left for Box Hill. Didn’t get credited the stage but leader board had me finishing 44th which is equally as wacky.


Hey all -

We are working actively to fix issues with misrouting on Tour de Zwift.

After some investigation, it looks like some Zwifters are on old game versions of Zwift. I highly suggest making sure you are up to date. While this is not the only cause for the misroutes, it will help us narrow down where the issue lies. If you are on the latest build, and have been misrouted - please open a support request with your logs from the affected event, and we will investigate further.

Thanks for your help!

I Joined the stage 3A. However I rode only 16 kms. Both my Zwift and Companion Apps are the latest.

According to the standings my position is 11 which I know it is unreal. I Home you can check and solve it

The same thing happened to me. I actually rode another 5 miles just to make sure, but I didn’t get a confirmation email. I worked soooo hard and I don’t want to have to do the makeup session. Please credit me as well. I have also sent an email to technical support.
Thank you!

Ok now I’m pissed, for the 2nd time today I got the short end of the stick. 6am EST today I got bumped to a short route and now again at 10pm. I got credit for it on my first time, but I want to compete against everyone else fairly and not having to make all this up again. The same exact thing happened to me on the London tour as well but I thought it was me. Is this going to continue happening?!?

@Vincent @Josie.L @ZwiftInsider

Please see above

This happened to me a couple times trying to take off from a few rides and join in late on rides today when I couldn’t get my system set up. I noticed when I looked up and saw the mileage didn’t show 22.xx I wasn’t going to get credit for the Tour each time I got out of the wrong ride !! When I finally got in on the 4 pm USA EST I had to ride through a mass of empty bikes at start!!