TdZ stage 1: lap 2 took wrong turn to Box Hill


Today at 8:11am PST Stage 1 of TdZ, lap 2 took me onto Box Hill instead of the London Classique route. There were at least more than 12 other riders that had the same issue. Looks like similar issue happened last year in TdZ London stage too?

It is funny why the wrong turn always takes you to Box Hill :smile:

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That look very strange. Check if your Zwift application is up to date.

I’m pretty sure it is not the app being out-of-date. I did Stage 1 London race 2 times, one at 7:10 and the second time at 8:10am. The one at 7:10am was fine, just the one at 8:10am took a number of us to a different turn.

It also wasn’t just me, I can tell at least 11 people who finished ahead of me also went to Box Hill on 2nd lap.

Yeah happened to me also on the 16:10 race yesterday. Wasnt expecting to go up Box Hill but turned right and as others were going up too I thought it was the route and I just hadnt checked it correctly . Then I saw my position start to drop by the second from 4th all the way down to 75th by the time I crested the top of box . There seems to also be a split in the field at the top of northumberland avenue too not sure if that was expected , some of us went left towards westminster and some went right around classique anti clock wise. Not sure how the points are allocated but I am miles down the list of ZP when I think I probably finished top 10 on those who went up Box :frowning:

Interesting, I was also at the front of my race when this happened. Dropped more than 40 ranks by the time the race was over. Actually I believe the entire leading group of my race were routed to Box Hill. I was for sure a top-10 finisher for those who went up Box Hill. I was in Cat B race, how about you?

Yes same , Cat B and agree seems to be leaders all went up Box (at least no one in front of me carried on straight into park)