App error on new Box Hill run

The new routes in London are perhaps a good idea but before you roll out new routes maybe you should view a ride on the complete route changes BEFORE you post them out for user consumption.

In the London route when you exit the tunnel just before starting up Box Hill the ‘turn signal’ says you’re going to be going left just before you actually turn right through the small building.

There’s also another spot where the signal is not right, it’s not directional though it’s that instead of the three arrows behind you there’s only one. I don’t remember where this one is but again you guys are releasing software updates before you completely view and verify that everything is correct.

This is really bad policy for a company that charges this much for its product, regardless of the fact (or not) that you are a small ‘boutique’ operator.

In closing, I will again repeat my prior comment that a feedback forum is an inappropriate way to conduct end user communication on a ‘pay to use’ application because the people paying for your product don’t feel like they’re being heard.

Hi Steven, 

Thanks for the feedback! We definitely QA everything, but there’s always a chance something slips through. I’ll pass your findings to our QA!

Our forums are a great place for feedback, as we want to make sure we’re being transparent. We always welcome feedback!