Greatest London Flat Lap 2

Hi :slight_smile:

thanks for the Greatest London Flat Loop :slight_smile: It is perfect for me. I wanted to go for it today and planned a 2 loop ride on this course. 

The first loop went fine, but … well… the 2nd loop didn´t. The program did not send me to Harrods (the flat part…). I went left straight over the bridge to … well … I hoped the flat part in the London Wildlife… but nope… the program sent me up to Box Hill. 

I did not change directions myself. It would be great if you could have a look if there is an issue with the flat loop or did I do anything wrong? Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


I just read on zwiftinsider, that this was done on purpose… “Extended Version”.

Sorry guys, but this doesn´t make sense to me. If I choose a long flat route to ride there is a reason, why I want to ride flat… I do not want to climb for a reason. If I want to climb I choose a hilly route or a mountain route. 

If you want to give us a mixed route, please call it a mixed route… but not “GREATEST LONDON FLAT” with a surprise extension in 2nd loop including all mountains… 

It would great be if the Greatest London FLAT was indeed a greatest London FLAT Course… and the Extended Course separately and… well… name it that way! 

If I want to go hilly, I would choose the Surrey something.


Happened to me too- and what a surprise. I wasn’t geared up for Box Hill. Didn’t mind but would have preferred to know in advance how long the climb was and what the end looked like.  As it was it just ends with no changed for a spin down.  

Hopefully this is just a routing error that will get fixed shortly. Until then I’ll stick to the existing flat routes when I want a flat ride. Shame really, as I was looking forward to a bit of variety.

I SEND them MESSAGE 3 days ago about it,  they had time to deal it , it need to be  Left  right , at the around about.  MY Request #113321   on it 3 days ago

I can confirm that ‘Lap 2’ does not follow the same route as ‘Lap 1’.

If this is intentional and not an error then I would hope that Zwift would change this course. I prefer my flat routes to be flat & my hilly routes to be painful. 

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