Greatest London Flat Course - is it a loop?

Jon, is the Greatest London Flat course a loop you can do many times without manually changing directions after 1 loop? i have tried it twice and after finishing 1 loop it does not carry on with the course but  seems to go into ‘surprise me’ mode? as you come into finish around the ‘classique’ start banner you are fed into the Mall Sprint section the reverse way from how you started the course and then its been random where zwift takes you instead of coming up from the embankment and turning towards houses of parliament and then back up to Buckingham Palace where the course starts. is this an error in the course set up or can you only do it once then you have to manually change direction to get back onto the course as its advertised?

give this + was talk about over there. I think they are working on it. my take is that it need to be Left right at the round about.

thanks _Bath Salts (80Kg) … this is exactly the issue so hopefully zwift will sort … easiest for me would be left at top of small hill coming off embankment towards ‘big ben’ then right and bingo you finish where you started and can do the greatest london flat  lap/loop again (and again)