Why is Greater London Flat called flattest route?

I find it odd because doesn’t it include Box Hill? Wasn’t it part of TDZ? I’m sure I rode it but I wouldn’t call Box Hill flat!

Because it’s flat.

It doesn’t go up box hill no. Unless you override the auto guidance.

You rode the London loop on the 21st so maybe you’ve mistaken the route you selected?

Thanks Stuart. I wondered about what I rode on TDZ. I must have looked up the wrong route and was surprised to be on Box Hill. What’s odd is when I look at Greater London Flat on Zwift Insider, it shows a steep climb.

Steep in comparison to the rest of the route which is pan flat.
I do agree thought the map gives a deceptive view of a significant hill.

Thanks Stuart. Do you know which climb it is? Is it just a rise or are named climb? It doesn’t really matter- I just like to be mentally prepared.

it is super flat: Routes

Distance: 11.7 km
Elevation : 53 m

It’s a rise and not a hill.

It goes past the Cenotaph up to the roundabout before you finish on the Mall.

Back end of the ride.

Compared to Box, Fox, Keith & Leith hills it’s a mere bump in the road.

Give them all a go though, never be afraid of trying.

Ride On!

Weird Gerrie. When I look at Insider’s route description showing elevation, it shows a steep short hill.
I’ve done all those hills many times but have to confess not liking them. I am one of the few that likes NY Glass highway! But for some reason don’t like the London climbs. Thanks Stuart and Gerrie.

Are you looking at this graphic? Note the Y axis, which tops out at barely above 30 meters. I think it just looks steeper than it is because the X axis is compressed.

Yes, is does show a steep short hill. But take a look at the elevation markers on the left side of the graph. This hill climbs, maybe, 20 meters. The elevation gain for the entire loop is listed at 45 meters, which is pretty flat over an 11.6km distance.

If you’re doing this as an event, though, also keep in mind that there is a hill that you have to climb to actually get to the loop from the start pens. I would say this hill is the biggest one on the route, but it’s still nowhere near a Box Hill or Leith Hill, or any other ‘climb’.

Yes…odd to represent it like this. Thanks for pointing that out

I was looking at a group’s ride today and this is their route. Thanks Nigel