Greater London Flat not following map

 When I choose the Greater London Flat route (7.2 mi.) and let the game auto-navigate, the route I take does not follow what is shown in the preview map for the course. Instead, I start where the London Loop starts, then go right at the round about instead of left, make a U turn, then follow the Flat route. I stopped after 10 miles so I am not sure if I eventually get back to my starting point.

I just did the Greater London Flat and it followed where it should.

Interesting Paul. Thanks for posting. Here is the ride I did today after choosing the Flat course.

Here is the Greater London Flat, I have done it many times: 

Yep, we are riding the same route. However, this is what the app is saying we should be riding. 

The starting point for every ride is the same and you have to ride to the start of the Greater London Flat route, everything is correct.