Greater London Flat course badge

Just wondering how far you have to ride to get the Greater London Flat badge. I rode 104.6 miles today and still didn’t get it. I don’t care what distance they set on the badges but it would be nice what to expect on distance before starting.

You have to make sure you pick that course when you star, here is a helpful link for you:


I picked the correct course. I’ve completed several courses.

8.09 miles, as of Saturday, when I earned the badge.

Greater London Flat has a really long lead-in and the course doesn’t end at where you begin due to the lead-in. It’s about 12 km / 8 mi in total, and make sure you pick “Greater” and not “Greatest”.

Aah after looking at course map I bet you are right. I probably made an old man mistake and did ride greatest and not greater. Will try greater flat loop today and see if it works. Thank you for your observation.

Glad to be of help. And wow, 104.6 miles. :ride_on::ride_on::ride_on:

Indeed! I’ll take the century badge & jersey any day over eight flat miles in Old Blighty.

Yes old man mistake. Picked greatest instead of greater. Rode the proper course yesterday and got the badge at 7.8 miles. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time but thank you for comments.