Sent wrong way in GCN London Race 4th December

In tonight’s GCN London Race I was sent the wrong way with 1k to go. The bunch all went right and I was sent left. I started looking for a U turn key or something and thought I had done something wrong but actually I’ve found out you don’t have to find your way and you should automatically follow the route. What takes the absolute piss is that today was the first day of my membership and the £12.99 went out of my bank. I took out the free trial last Tuesday and have ridden on Zwift every day since. This was my third race. I use a quarq power meter, Hr monitor and am registered on the zwiftpower system so there’s no reason for this to have happened other than a glitch or error in the game? I know it’s only a virtual game etc etc but this was very annoying after a hard hours racing. I eventually rode to the finish but was around 4 min slower than I should have been had I been sent the right way

Hey @Graham_Pigott I definitely feel your frustration. If possible can you send us your log files for that race in the support conversation you sent?


How do I access my log files from that race ?


It won’t be race specific log, but the log(s) in general.

Hope it helps.


I have attached the log from that particular race, I tried to send more but the files are too big.

(Attachment Log (old 3).txt is missing)