Tour de Zwift New York sent me wrong way

I’ve just started the tour on stage 2 - got about 15 mins in and I was routed the wrong way!!!

I’ve had to abort. Totally gutted as it’s my first EVER event. What can I do now to make this right???

Hi Neil, I’ve had this same issue myself today. If you’ve done the miles, send a support note in to Zwift and they’ll credit you as completing the stage.

Yeah when I did stage 2 I went the correct way but noted that heaps of riders were sent the wrong way at a junction.


Something similar just happened to myself and a few others in Stage3 . We got sent the wrong way at Trafalgar Sq, and completed a much shorter course. We got given a finish and I’ve received a nice email congratulating me for completing the stage. I’ve sent a message to Zwift support, and wait to see what happens next.

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Same just now - big group cut off early, shot down the live leaderboards then finished at the top of the end results. Thought I’d gotten crazy slow, then crazy fast, but no: I’m a glitch.

5min ago - Stage 3(A) Tour de Zwift London - sent me the worng way?
I should have clused in when i saw finshed 12km???