Sent wrong way in a race?!

(Rick Anderson Kiss (B)) #1

Hey there

I got routed the wrong way during a race tonight on the everything bagel NY course. Race went right at one turn and I went left! Was still in the game but on a different route. Quit as racing myself was a bit dull…!

Any thoughts


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Rick, sorry the race malfunctioned! Can you send us a support conversation with your log file from tonight? It will help us figure out exactly what went wrong.

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

(Rick Anderson Kiss (B)) #3

Thanks Vincent - Sent details as suggested.

Not bothered about the Malfunction, these things happen, working on a software spin out myself so know the ups and downs!


(Mike Turnbull) #4

Same this happened to me. I kept riding hoping it would bring me back to the end eventually. I got within 1km of the finish and then it sent me the wrong way again. Do I send my file to the same support conversation?

(Peter Castrop) #5

I had the same thing happening. I have sent in the log files as well. No feedback yet though. I also have problems with the resistance on my Elite Direto (1% feels like a 5% gradient) since the beginning of September, which is a connection issue in Zwift. No solution there. I wonder why I keep paying Zwift. Soon I will be trying the new CVRCade for racing. If that has no or fewer issues it’s goodbye Zwift.