Thrown out after a shorte while

I start normaly inn the race but after a short while my rider takes a different road then the rest. Why ?

Hi there Per Hagbart Frogland,

I’m very sorry that you were sent the wrong way on your race. :frowning:

We’d like to get some more information to help find what could have went wrong.

Would you please provide more details by opening a Support Ticket at:

What platform were you using to run Zwift? What event were you in? Were you in another event right before this race?

If you would locate your Zwift log file for that event and attach it to your support ticket, that will help us find the issue that affected your race. Zwift Support can help you find the log file if you cant find it. If you are on Windows, it’s in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder. Attach the log file that matches the creation date and time of your race. We’ll do our best to help you!


  • Zwift QA