Zwift Race - Went wrong direction out of the gate

Hello, I was in the pen waiting for the Team CLS Winter Race Series event to start (9:45 AM EST). The event started out and my bike went to the left which was the opposite way of the race. After 9 seconds of this, Zwift crashed. When I rebooted the program, I was unable to join back into the race. On Zwift Power it now shows me as “Did not Finish” even though I loaded the course and did it by myself.

  1. Why did my bike go the wrong way out of the gate? This is the second time it has happened.
  2. Is there a way to get my ride information inserted into that event? I’d like to see my statistics on Zwift Power.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for the troubles. There’s a known issue where Zwifters are sometimes inadvertently misrouted, going the wrong direction in some events.

Our team is working on a fix and while there isn’t a solid workaround for this issue yet, the fix will come from our end, so all you should have to do is keep your game client updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift.

Regrettably, there’s not currently a way to import/update/edit your ride data into Zwift. The good news is that you should have a .fit file saved locally on your device or on your dashboard. You can upload the .fit file to any third-party fitness sites you use (e.g. Strava). Information on how to find that file can be found in the article “Can I upload my .fit file/activity to a third-party site?​​​​”

Same issue with a race today. Everyone went left while my character went right. I still tried to finish but it obviously also did not record me passing finish line. :expressionless:

Happened to me today. Guess this bug is still on the list of known bugs? Let me know if you need fit file or anything.