Problems with tour de Zwift

Saturday I joined the second stage of de tour de zwift. Suddenly all the riders turned right but I went straighed ahead!! After +/- 15 km riding alone, I saw that I was not coming closser to the finishline but I went further away??
I did +/- 35,9 KM in total and had 540 HM, but never crossed the finishline!! I saw I had to ride another 18 km before I could cross the finishline, so I stopped at 35,9 KM. Now I didn’t complete stage 2!!! You know what went wrong???

It impacted a lot of people, including me. I logged a support ticket, and sent the relevant log and FIT files. It is nothing you did wrong, it appears to be a Zwift issue and I suspect it is related to the other challenges they have had related to stability because of the increase of riders.

Any updates on this. I was able to finish the first two stages without problems. I’ve tried to ride the third stage (London) twice but both times the same problem as described above.
Note: I don’t see the time left. Instead, I see a strage icon which resembles a dynamite detonator !?

Same for me, at the first turn most riders went straight on I and a few others headed straight to Surrey Hills and after 4 hill climbs and over 2500ft of climbing I called it a day as I was never getting close to the finish line.
Also I couldn’t do a u turn or change route so i think if I didn’t drop out I would still be climbing now.

Same problem in London… some people told me this is because the Keith Hill After Party Course is new and still not on every device… i play with android but there is no update and reinstall didn’t help… ios users said after updating their zwift the wrong route counted… hmm…