TDZ Stage 5 Libby Hill Issue

Hi all,
I had an issue today, thank you for taking the time to read it.
I started stage 5 of TDZ today but right from the start experienced issues. I was wearing the TDZ jersey so I thought I was part of the stage but there was no information on my place and going into the second round I went straight when everyone turned left.
I then left the event and came back in and now started somewhere after the first sprint, again in the TDZ jersey and now also with information on my place. However, the other riders in my group had done about 10k more (two rounds) and I expected that at some point they would cycle towards Libby Hill when I would need to do two more rounds to complete the stage.
However, I was routed to Libby Hill with them, did the climb but there was no information that I had completed the stage etc. I could just continue cycling, still in the jersey.
Is this a know bug? Anything I could have done differently? Should I let go of a stage immediately when I don’t see my place and rather start again an hour later?
What is strange is that there was one other guy in our group with the same 10k less, just like me, but I can see on Zwift that his stage was completed…
Thank you very much for your feedback and RIDE ON!

IMHO, you should have left the ride when it was obvious you are not registering as participant (i.e., no place) or riding the wrong course (unless you feel like free riding, that is…) . Also, not receiving the TDZ5 mail is a sure sign you were not part of it.

Zwift is known to be picky wrt riders dropping mid-ride . Unfortunately, it would see as if you will have to repeat… :frowning:

Ride On!

Joel Soto here…can someone check what happened on my 5th Stage TDZ says data could not upload