Tour of NY error?

(Emma Haddix Ak) #1

I spent 20 minutes trying to join the tour of new york this morning (stage 2) before I gave up. When I joined the event it would put me at the start and say “finding riders” and then never change… breaks my heart to be out of the Tour already… woke up at 4:30a for this.

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #2

Yup something’s glitchy…at 4:15 EDT I was placed at the start… Then it put me with riders saying that I had 0.5 miles to go on lap 2. After a little more than 6 miles, it said I had completed the stage and removed my NYC jersey. I rode another 8 miles around the Park to complete it all.

(Matt Leach) #3

Yep had a problem too. Completed the stage and then it only saved the first 5km!

(Mr Atomic) #4

Today the Stage 3, glitched out in an interesting way; the distance to the finish line started increasing when I reached 33 km distance and the position in the group went weird early in the ride fluctuating between me being 103rd and 150th, then 3rd at the end when I stopped cycling.

(Craig Sachs) #5

Tour of NY today quit and reset me on the regular park path.

(Corron Bourgeois) #6

Zwift quit on me mile 18.6 on stage 3 and this morning I was riding the 6 train and at mile 18.6 Zwift just stopped and ended my ride.

(Vincent W.) #7

Thanks for all the reports everyone, investigating. Did everyone get credit for the first two stages?

(Corron Bourgeois) #8

Vincent, I’ve emailed support for stage 3 and they found my ride data and responded that I should receive credit for the stage, however i had the exact same problem at mile 18.6 this morning while riding The 6 train.

(Vincent W.) #9

That’s definitely odd. Did Zwift crash and quit? Or did it bounce you back to the main menu?
I would recommend a clean reinstall and a test to see if you still encounter this error.

(Corron Bourgeois) #10

Vincent, on stage 3 my avatar just stopped at mile 18.6 and i kept peddaling hoping for the best but after a few minutes i stopped and unplugged my trainer and plugged it back and reconnected everything and a screen eventually popped up asking if i wanted to resume event i selected yes and i was dropped back on the course but in a different kit, i rode the required distance for the stage but when i ended the ride i didnt receive credit for the stage, now this morning at mile 18.6 on The 6 Train my avatar just came to a stop and ended my ride. i’ve been using the same connection and riding in the same location in my house for 2000 miles without any problems.

(Mr Atomic) #11

Didn’t get credit for stage 3

(Tim Brown) #12

I’ve just completed stage 5 of the Tour of New York (and then some). At about 3.5km to go (when i first noticed) the distance to go display started counting up!! I thought surely just a display thing and once i get to 20km it will say it’s complete… it continued to count up and I stopped riding when it got to 20.8km… at which point, the distanceto go was 7.3km… i would have kept riding infinitely to never finish stage 5.

I was really looking forward to having completed TONY so this happening is quite the anti-climatic end… it doesn’t appear I’ve received credit either

(Tom Antonoff) #13

No, I didn’t. I rode along side my son in stage 2 and didn’t get credit. I have a jammed day on Saturday and already have to make up stage 4 to complete the 5 stages. I would like to know if I’m going to get credit for stage 2 before I cram stage 4 in to my busy day on Saturday.

(Steve Shores) #14

Same happened to me tonight as well. Started the 8 pm event about 5 minutes late and kept bouncing me around 11-14k to finish. Ended up just stopping after about 30k.

(L Rosenberg) #15

Same thing happened to me on Thursday night. At the north west and of the park it took me on the wrong course. Couldn’t make a U-turn. I rode again on Friday night stage five. Seem to work OK. But the program logged both rides together as one. Seems to be working OK now