Tour of NY - stage 3 9AM PDT

(Phil Everitt) #1

I lost the pack today in the Tour of New York at around 5km in. The stage distance never dropped after that, even though my session distance kept going up. I’d still see riders coming towards me and occasionally pass a group all riding in TONY kit. So it didn’t seem like a network disconnect, not sure what happened.

Any ideas?

Here is the final screen shot:

(Paulo Monteiro) #2

I had the same problem, but for me the remaining distance started to increase and i was unable to end the race.
I had the problem 2x today, on the race of 10:00 and on the 17:00 all GMT time.
Until today no problems on Zwift and i have done last Sunday this same course without problems, but not as a race.

(J M Falconer) #3

Similar problem, started Stage 3, once the ride got to the northwest corner of the map (approx 1/4 way throigh), there was a turn where everyone went right and back south, but I went left and east… on zwift companion map, I could see a handful of other racers who experienced same.

Am going to try stage 3 again, stinks I have to start over…

(Shane Mc Innes) #4

Same think happened to me! I went left, everyone else went right. My distance to completion then went back up to about 27kms and stayed around there.

(Shingo Murayama) #5

Same problems today’s morning at Stage 3. In my case, it happened about 10km after starting.

(Matthias Duessman(ZRG)) #6

I had the same problem,

(Vonita Corredora) #7

I had the same problem! Open a ticket and they will help you with this problem! :smiley:

(Vincent W.) #8

If you haven’t already, can everyone send in a support conversation here:

Please include:

  • Your log file for that ride
  • Your fit file for that ride

If those are applicable. We’re investigating on our side, thank you for your patience!

(Phil Everitt) #9

Done - thanks. Referenced this post in the description.

Worst case I’ll ride it again next Saturday :slight_smile:

(Brad Maynes) #10

I had the same problem on this as well.

(Paulo Monteiro) #11

Today i had again the same problem on stage 5 at around 5km of the end

(Phil Everitt) #12

This time it was 2.4km from the end of Stage 5 - the 6AM PDT ride. Tuesday’s stage 4 was ok though.

I was going to add today’s files to the current ticket but the email confirmation of the submission doesn’t contain a link or reference number. I’ll write another one later on.

(Paulo Monteiro) #13

For me stage 4 was also ok, i have sent the new log and fit file information to support, replying to the previously answer that they have sent to me.

(Phil Everitt) #14

Good point on the email - thanks.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #15

Had the same problem on Stage 5 as well. About 4.6 kms from the end instead of turning right onto the Park Loop it took me back up the glass road and the distance to go started to increase.

I’ve already missed the first two stages so I guess that’s me now done.

(Phil Everitt) #16

Tried to repeat this stage just now and the same problem happened at the same distance. No point doing make up stages until the bug is fixed.

(Ryan Scott) #17

Increasing mileage happened to me on stage 1 tonight too.

(Steve Ellis) #18

This happened on my Stage 1 ride at 1800 GMT on November 3. The lead-in was shown to be about 10 km, followed by 2 laps of ~11.x km each. But until I’d ridden 20 something km, the distance remaining went down, then back up again. I was 22 or so km in before the distance remaining started going down consistently. At 31.1 km the first lap showed as completed. The second lap, and event, showed as completed at 41.6 km. I believe I did an extra lap. Happily I had the time and wish to ride further. I got the email confirming I’d completed the stage and the tour.

Here’s the profile of the event that went to ZwiftPower:

I’ll send in the log file and .fit file.

Tour of New York extra lap
Tour of New York extra lap
(Steve Ellis) #19

Here’s the profile of the event that went to ZwiftPower from a different rider who finished the event:

There’s one less lap there.

(Steve Ellis) #20

And here is the on screen display just before completing stage 1 with the extra lap: