Tour de Zwift stage 3

Jan 16 I started stage 3 of the tour at 9 am and was bumped due to Bluetooth failure. (I am new approximately 2 weeks on Zwift) I figured out that if I closed the app it would reconnect. I tried several other ways but wouldn’t reconnect to trainer. Anyway, at 10am I restarted stage 3 and was bumped due to Bluetooth however did the close app and reconnected and it said I could rejoin ride. I did that. However noted my jersey was now orange. I finished the stage and did a cool down by going back down the climb.

  1. Issue is I am trying to get credit for stage 3 and I am told it may not happen. I sent an email to the Zwift support group and they said it isn’t guaranteed to receive credit. Anyone else have issues like this?
    2 should I be reconnecting to Bluetooth differently ? If bumped off?
    3 I have learned that I am supposed to end ride once I crossed under the banner.
    So far enjoying Zwift and hoping this tour thing works out. I have completed a few routes that don’t seem to show as completed. Strange. Thanks for any help.

“bumped” as in… ?

In theory, you should be able to re-connect your BLE devices if they get disconnected mid-ride without exiting Zwift.

As for the credit, I wouldn’t hold my breath… and for ending the ride, don’t take too much time/distance to do that. While I am not sure where to draw the line, a line does exist somewhere… I usually end my routes within a km or two from the finish line.

Welcome aboard!