Tour of NY Stage 5 --event never ended, no credit

ToNY Stage 5 11/1. The “distance to end counter” stopped counting down at 3.8 miles to go, stuck for a while, and then started going up. I rode 19 miles but never reached the finish line, and the event never ended. No resulta on zwift power and no completion email.

Can I get credit for finishing the stage? I don’t care about the stats, but I really want the jersey. :slight_smile:



Hey Stella, I see that you sent us a support conversation. Can you send us your log files from that event if possible in that conversation?

How to find log files:

Hi Vincent,
I’d be happy to, but how do I get to the support conversation? I have no ticket number and no link, and I see nothing on that would let me search for my open ticket.
Thank you–