No Completion Credit for Tour of Watopia Stage 5

I finished the 5/12 @ 8am PST Stage 5 event, but it bugged out at the end. The distance indicator flipped out at about 1 mile to go, and after I finished it started going in reverse. I ended up clocking 13 miles for the event, but I did not receive credit for completing the stage.

It seemed as though this affected a number of people. I tried to look up a few individuals that were near me, and it seems as though they got DNFs as well.

Same problem for me. Also affected by the same issue at yesterday’s Giro, did it 2 times and both times it gliched :frowning: I play from the Android client, but never had any of these issued or any zwift official rides. Did a group ride a few days ago and had no issues.