No credit for completion of stage 5

My activities show that I completed the event, and the event uploaded to both zwift and strava, but on the tour de zwift registration page and the in game tracker both show that stage five isn’t completed. What’s really funny is the registration page for stage five says ‘Do it again’ just like all the other completed stages.
On zwift /activity/737404442851035312 shows the checkered flag for completion so not sure why I am not getting credit.

Same thing happened to me, but for Stage 6. I’ve ridden it twice and it shows as having been ridden, but not as part of TdZ, even though it was clearly labeled as such during the ride, I completed it, and after the first completion of that stage I got a confirmation email as having completed it. Any choice but to try a third time? It’s not exactly my favourite ride either…

Got the same problem with TDZ stage 6 !!!
Zwift Beta software :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: