Race / Event not finished by Zwift

I was doing the WattFabik CE Race Event-ID 3453604 yesterday.
The event did not finish for me and many others. You can see it in Zwiftpower live tab for all those riders beyond event distance of 25km (see image below).

Nothing happened at the finish line, leaderboard did not show. And on ZP it’s not registered as finished.
I manually had to leave the event in Zwift to retun to free ride again.

I am running Win 10 with the new game version 1.33

Same for me and all bar one rider for the EVO CC Race Series on Makuri 40. There was a count down to the official end distance but it disappeared with 50m to go and we kept going. 6k later a count down began at 5500m. Again, crossed the line and the race continued.

The route was also wrong.

A rider also took a different course and ended up in front of us later on. Really weird, we joked that it was a deliberate short cut, and it turned out to be true. This was also the rider that officially finished. I wonder if Zwift took the rest of us on the wrong route hence we never finished.

Slightly different but i did a crit race last night which finished ok but re-launched Zwift after 50 minutes since the race started and was prompted to join the event again as if it was not finished.

Hopefully just some update weirdness i’ll see what happens next event.

I was the lucky one where the race finished regular, but why me, I don’t know. Maybe Zwift knows. :wink:

Sorry about this - there is an issue with the route, which is why event organisers cannot select it.

They asked us to set it manually but it was set to one lap (which doesn’t work) rather than distance based (which does work).

I’ve had a chat with the person that set up the event to make sure they are aware.

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