Race bug

Good evening.
Have a strange issue with the race, I’m using ATV and never had any problem, but today, same like always I was making warm up with pace partner (3.8 W/kg, makuri island), when was missing 3 minutes I joined the race: The Friday Criterium Summer Races (EU). Later I have changed the bike and start the race.
Since the start of the race I haven’t see my position in the race as usual (example 1/20). And after finishing I haven’t been in the final table, also in zwift power I’m not in the list of participants.
Something went wrong or this is a bug?

Hi Andrii… I am the race organiser for the Friday Criterium Series and I can see you under the “Live” tab in ZP but it shows you and several other riders as not finished, I am checking with other riders who had the same issue.

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That sounds similar to this…

Hi Paul… checked your stats and you don’t show at all in ZP… even under the “Live” tab… that seems a bit strange… have you got a strava link ??

Looking at the race stats there seems to be a bug…

On ZP Live I can see 10 riders had finished the race but did not appear in the results but it seems they did not finish, 2 have confirmed they did and other riders in those 10 did as well.

Race ID: ZwiftPower - The Friday Criterium Summer Races (EU)

This is what I see in Zp Live…

I can understand one rider having a drop out on the line but 10 seems very unlikely.

I checked another race using CE on the same course and the same error seems to have happened.

Race ID: ZwiftPower - DBR Friday Race - Category Enforcement

Again the riders who show +0 have all completed the course 24.5 Km.

@James_Zwift … any ideas of what the issues maybe ???

It’s not me, the link is someone else reporting a problem that sounds about the same as this, two days ago

OK… Tks…

I think this is still a problem

Agree… I checked a couple of races over the same course and they all seemed to have the same issue… not sure if it an IOS issue as the two guys I asked were on ATV and IOS tablet… I don’t know what other riders were using…

I think this might be a bit more widespread than that. I have seen this going on quite a bit recently. Zwift Insider Rebel Race Today 20:10 Triple Flat Loops GMT +8 - #2 by S_ticky_KRT. The rider who won this race did not show up in results, caught it in my live stream too. LIVE ZWIFT RACE // EVO CC SPRINT RACE - YouTube. @Steven_D Is this a bug? It seems to be as it is pretty wide spread for a system error/glitch…

This is an issue.

Alan, it doesn’t help you now (sorry) but if you use this route in the future please set a distance of 24665m.

I’ll try and do some poking to give this some more traction again.

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Thanks for the info James… hopefully the team will get it all sorted out soon…

Hi Oliver,

If it’s a bug, I’m as yet unaware, but James responded on this yesterday and he seemed to have a handle on what’s going on.