Missing races

I participated in the Tour De La Rive Gauche organized by Team Electric Spirit on Wednesday May 24th. There were 4 races. The first two are of course on ZP but not the last two. I see them in Companion, on Zwift ans Strava but nothing in ZP. Can someone help me?

@Douglas_Cook give me a shout if you need help

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Hey Sam, those were my races. Do you mean you can’t see your result in those races or you can’t find the races at all? The races are here:

Looking at those races on Zwiftpower it looks like you started them but shows you as not finishing. If that’s incorrect there’s not much I can do as an organiser, not sure if Zwift can do anything.

Hi Douglas, yes of course I have completed the last 2 races. This is the first time that activities do not go up in ZP. I see them in Zwift or on Strava but not in ZwiftPower



Hey Sam, I’m afraid I don’t know what might have happened, race organiser do not have the tools to investigate or fix issues like these. I don’t know if @James_Zwift can suggest anything, but normally when I have seen similar issues before it has not been possible to fix

I know you can’t do anything. And it doesn’t matter for this race, I had not been good anyway. But it is worrying for the future.