Race did not end. no result. and not on zwiftpower

just completed the race but as we got to the finish nothing happened. event didnt end and results didnt pop up. event didnt pop up on my zwiftpower either.

worked fine for some though. but i know it was bugged for a good number of the racers.

event zid=3046821

what gives? recent buggy update?

Not a recent thing - the finish to Legends and Lava has been broken for a while now:

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thanks for the quick reply.

aaaarrrrgggghhhhh. what a bummer… awesome course. and had a club league running on that race! :sob:

Thanks, I’ve just flagged to the team that we’re still having trouble on this route.

When I spot organisers using this course I normally set it to distance based.

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Yes I experienced the same today (July 9) on a race on that route. (AppleTV) I didn’t appear in ZP (not filtered either), no results at the end in game. The in-race placings (3/24) remained after the finish. Also, after finishing I was locked onto the volcano loop, no turns available and the only visible zwifters were those that remained after the race.