Only 1 lap of 3R Volcano Circuit race?

Hi. New to Zwift. Only had 1 previous race. I entered the 3R Volcano Circuit race and after 1 complete lap, it saved my lap time and kicked me out. Didn’t say DQ or anything that i noticed. I was only 25s behind the D rider in my category. Just curious if i may have entered the race incorrectly? Why does this happen? I was really looking forward to a good race and had it cut severely short. Any assistance would be welcomed.

I am only lvl 6, new rider, 96kg, i selected the Zwift TT bike since there wasn’t a lot of hills. All my data seems to be in order. How do i avoid this for future races?


not sure about the kickout but you should never use the TT bike, no drafting with those, which makes them slower than regular bikes.

TT bikes for non drafting TT races or workouts only

Noted for future racing.

Hoping it didn’t kick me because i was using a TT bike. Guess i’ll find out tomorrow on next race.

I looked at that race and I don’t see mention of no TT bikes. Here are the rules for that ride. Before entering a race be sure to click the “See More” section for the rules.

Expect this RACE to be highly competitive across all CATs. In order to make the racing as fair as possible, racers on zPower, lacking heart rate monitors, riding an an inappropriate category, or riding very unrealistically may be disqualified. Final results will be available on

i did that. After lap one the “Save Ride” icon popped up, and after saving it ended my race/ride. Still waiting on support from an Ambassador, but no clue as to why yet.

Did you enter the 1 lap 3R Volcano Circuit race? If you posted here immediately after your event, that’d be the 4 lap race. But the earlier race was only one lap, and it’d end after your one complete lap. Neither event had D category finishers listed on Zwiftpower, so I can’t get a clue from the results posted there.


He is in event 2028350 (the 4 lap version) as a non-finisher along with a few others with curiously the same time. Havent seen that many non-finishers with exact same time that I recall. Interestingly I just responded to another post where a rider from one event has shown up in another and the only points in common are part of the route and the timing - I hope these are one-offs and not pointing to something else.

@Raymond_Lendt2217 I think you just encountered an odd-ball issue. Do make sure your local network conditions are running perfecto (no wifi clashes, restart your modem just in case etc). Report back if you have another strange encounter.

Off the main topic: @Dean: How do you see that list on ZwiftPower? I can only get to a list with A through C riders, plus one E.


Go on the Live tab.

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