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Time for my regular gripe , just completed this morning’s volcanoe climb race and 6 of the top 8 seemed to be above the threshold for the race results yet still remain in the race standings ??

This race doesn’t use category enforcement.

Speak to the event organiser and ask them to turn it on.

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That event didn’t have category enforcement enabled, so you have a winner who is B category and finished two minutes ahead of the nearest C category rider. I recommend not joining races that don’t use category enforcement or you will ride with a lot more sandbaggers. Sometimes they get DQ after the event but that’s not much use. 6th place is also a B.

The others appear to be within the C category limits for the zFTP showing on their profile.

Nothing to see here …

To be fair only the winner was above ZP categories.


The volcano race is my favorite race but since 3R does not use CE I have also stopped racing the event.

I have reached out to 3R many times asking to enable CE but they just ignore the request.


Shall we category enforce all 3R races?


Hi James, yes I am happy to category enforce all 3R races.


I was hoping you weren’t going to say that :joy:

Thanks guys that’s all sorted then . I generally try to join only cat enabled races but I do like the volcano climb.
Stand corrected on 6 of the 8 above threshold for results … apologies

Wow is that all it took.

Yep, but I’m not doing it today. Will try to remember to do it on Monday.

Checking 100+ events and enabling CE where needed is probably going to take me a couple of hours.

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You have time to Saturday. LOL

I need to ride & cremate meat over flames :smiley:

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Priorities. :ride_on:

Thanks for setting this up. I see the Saturday Volcano is now CE. :ride_on:

Another request to have staggered starts, that will be awesome. I would prefer to see only category riders but I know you said that if the event is small then it is not the best way to do it.

This time of year the numbers are not really high enough to warrant separate categories. It’s something we can look at September/ October time when race entries start to rise again. However I will keep an eye on race numbers, if a race regularly gets 20+ in each category we can look at getting it switched on.

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Thanks Marc.

Staggered starts :thinking: LOL

I am looking forward to the Day when Zwift has dynamic pens so that you as an organizer can set a rule that if a pen has more than X riders then that pen start alone. Or have minimum pen size of X and if there are enough people pen D and C start together and A and B or in huge rides every one start separately.

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I like this idea especially with scoring (results based).

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