Fishy data TBR Burrito Race B cat 5/28

Hi everyone,

I’d hate to come across as a sore loser but just realized that two riders who had signed up in the wrong categories have been requalified as B’s. #2 has averaged 5 wkgs and #1 finished like 8’ ahead of the A’s, which is pretty ridiculous.

The race ID on XP is 2101959, it was at 9:45 UTC.

Can anyone please take a look at that? I’m the one who came in third, obviously :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance. Ride on!

Let’s look at #2:
This is a very light rider and did not exceed the raw power limit (250w) to put him in A.
To be upgraded to A you have to exceed 4w/kg and 250w


ok #1
This rider is just below the Cat A limit 3.95w/kg. The fact that he beat the A’s has no influence to the results. Categories is based on FTP not race performance.

Hey, Gerrie!
Thanks for your reply. You’re right, I didn’t realize #2 had not hit the minimum total watts to be requalified as A. However, I still think there’s something strange about the winner having beat everyone else by a whole 8 minutes averaging the same wkg as the leading A’s. True that he hit more total watts but it seems too big of a gap. That means was close to lapping everyone else all by himself. I guess I’m missing something. I am a sore loser after all lol.
Thanks for taking your time to look into this, though.

Ride on!

To be honest the A field was not very strong.
I looked a bit more at that rider history and just say it is strange.

I don’t think so you just want fair racing. We all train hard for these races so we deserve the recognition if we do good.

This also show the problem with mass start events the two that beat you was probably just sitting on the A’s wheels (and those not on ZP).

Yeah, definitely not the hardest race :sweat_smile:

It was just surprising (and frustrating) because I was following the race live on ZP and I thought I had everything under control. And when I went back to check the results, these two guys had popped out of nowhere. Oh, well… I’ll keep trying :grin: :grin: :grin:

Again, thanks so much for taking your time to clarify this. Really appreciate it.

Ride on!

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No problem keep racing and have fun.

when doing that watch for this:
I assume they entered the C cat.

EDIT: one entered C and the other D

Yeah, that was my mistake. You know, in the heat of the moment…

Thanks for the advice!

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