Activity in ZwiftPower not showing in events but i see in "activities"

Hello, i did an event (Which reccurs weekly) on Zwift. The ride appears to show on Strava, Companion and in the “activities” section in ZP.

When i go in my events, i don’t see it appearing there. It’s a bummer because it was my best performance effort wise in a race and wanted to see the results.

The activity is called “2021-12-16 18:52 Zwift - Classique Clan Knox (B)” and i see a .fit file linked to it.


Looking at the zp live data for that event it has never recorded you as finishing. Did you experience any sort of drop near the end? riders going missing or something would suggest that maybe you passed the finish line while zwift was having trouble communicating in which case you would never appear in the results.

If unsure worth dropping your log file in to see if it shows any more info on potential connection problems.

Thanks for the info. No I didn’t lose any connection.

I saw the results board at the end and kept pedaling a bit maybe 2 minutes and I quit after and it saved the activity to strava and companion

How do I get a log file from MacBook Zwift?

I’m not 100% sure as i don’t use a mac but i think the log file would be in your documents folder similar to PC under zwift\Logs\Log.txt If it was your last ride log.txt otherwise i think it creats a new log each time and rename the old version

Cant seem to find it. Thanks anyway.

I guess this event will never be in zwiftpower rankings under my profile?

unfortunately not. if zwiftpower has not recording you finishing it short of the event organiser manually adding you back in but that’s probably too much effort for most.

Weird that I saw the final leaderboard before quitting.