ZRL Results shown in game, but not post activity

in ZRL Yorkshire EMEA E2 A4 one of my riders Richard Jones finished the event crossing the line in 34th and getting the results up on his screen as one would expect. However, after finishing and exiting his ride his activity shows but he is on neither zwift nor zwiftpowers results. This obviously impacts out finishing position on this race, which as captain bugs me considering I believe it would move us from 6th to 5th with his result included, putting us closer to getting up to 4th in the league. But my competitive nature aside this is gutting for Richard as he worked his a*** off for the team and his result now isn’t counting for anything. WTRL cant do anything without a Zwift power result, is there anyway to get this instated. Please contact me for further proof of activity etc, anything we can provide to get him rightfully instated.

Its likely he had a network glitch as the symptoms you describe are similar to when someone’s wifi has a small data loss / disconnect (or at least the network between rider and Zwift) but may also be related to something else.

He could check this by using Zwiftalizer.com with the log file applicable to that ride which may highlight a network issue.

I havent observed anyone being successful in getting a fit file loaded post an event into either Zwift or ZP but success stories arent necessarily posted here, only issues.

Suggest you try Zwiftpower@zwift.com - you/he will need his complete fit file, log file for them to reasonably consider a request though.

What do you mean by log file? I’m good with getting fit files off strava but not heard off log files before😅

haha all good. Log files are used to record technical events in in a file so if something goes wrong, techie people can usually see something in a log file. Here’s Zwift’s support page on locating them:


Thanks Dean, as the offending rider, have sent mail to support, let’s see how quickly they respond!

Looking in companion app, there does appear to be a blip, but no more than a moment. Have found the log file, so can send across if needed to Zwift.

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Also checked on zwiftalizer, nothing obvious there either, very weird

I have a suspicion that something in the backend has changed in past few updates that is possibly causing these events but until it happens to me when I can use some techie tools to troubleshoot, its just speculation. I’d be gutted if it happened to me in any race but teams event would just really get my blood boiling - good luck!

I had a similar problem yesterday. Crossed the line but got no leaderboard or ZP entry. Ride did appear in companion app and Strava though. Hopefully not a new bug!

Response from Zwift, you must have had a problem, sorry we can’t upload fit files. So tough luck.


This isn’t new - this has been happening as long as I’ve been Zwift racing. If you get disconnected from Zwift during a race you can keep riding, but stop sending things to ZwiftPower. Usually see it happening to the same people more than once, I think it’s usually a network latency or connection stability problem.

If you look at the race results in ZP and then select the LIVE tab you will see Richard in there. You will also the notice that his distance completed is 27km not the 27.6km race distance. I’ve seen this before, I suspect that he lost his connection (for whatever reason) during a critical part of the race…the finish. If you don’t have an active connection to Zwift when you cross the line this is what happens i’m afraid. The irony is that if it had happened at any other point in the race as long as it was working when he crossed the line he would have been credited with the finish. Just bad luck in this instance.

If the ride is in CA and Strava (connected with Zwift) it must be OK on Zwift servers, so it seems to be another issue - with Zwiftpower!