How Many Riders in the Rankings

I can see what my race and zpoint rankings are in total and all sorts of catagories in absolute terms, but I can’t see (and I’ve searched for help, so apols if I’ve missed it) how many people are in the rankings. I found the rankings page but it only shows 1000 riders in max 20 pages.

Am I missing something obvious?

There are 324,747 riders opted in to ZwiftPower, who will theoretically all have a ranking.

Thanks, how do you see that?

It’s listed down at the bottom of the home/events page.

Back in Sept of 2020, I went through the Events page → Riders tab sorted by Race Rank to find 57,390 riders with a race rank below 600 out of 216,000ish total people opted in, so there are probably more active racers than that now with 324,000 people opted-in currently.

Interesting - today its 50,920 below 600 out of the 324,747

What’s the relevance of 600?

Anyone on 600 is likely not racing.

About 50000 right now. I suspect this is seasonal as well.

The original point seems valid here though - there are absolute rankings given for Category, Age, Weight, Country - why not also add “of XX,XXX” each the ranking, so you can get some judge for where you sit. I appreciate the “600 issue” of non-racers, but ZP should be able to exclude those. Otherwise the sub rankings are pretty pointless if you don’t know if you’re top 10% or bottom 5%!!