How many riders are on ZwiftPower?

Hi, is there a way to know how many riders are ranked on ZwiftPower? It is pretty useless to learn that you are ranked 14 765th if you don’t know how many ranked riders there is.

Well I can tell you there are at least 96,606 as that is my position (not that it really matters to me)

At least 373,754.

I thought everyone with a race ranking of 600 would all have the same equal ranking but I just checked a couple of people and one is ranked at 272,771 while another is 373,754.

The lowest ranked American woman in Cat D over 60 years old is ranked 444,310.

I used the filters in the individual rankings to get that rider. Normally ZP will only show the top 1000 ranked but if you narrow the filters enough you can get a sample size below 1000 people.

Not enough imo