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Hi all,

Just a quick question. I’m looking at the current standings for the current RACE LIKE A PRO series. I’m currently showing as 106th out of 6118. Great eh? I’m one of the best riders around (top 1.73%).

Not really. Its very mis-leading.

6118 has only done 1 event (like many others in the list), whilst I’ve done 3 events so far. Of course I’m higher.

What I’d like to do is filter the standings to show who has done 3 events only. Therefore I can say “oh I’m 106th out of 150 competing riders”. This gives me a clearer competition and something to compare against in my next series.

I can’t seem to find a way to do this on ZwiftPower.

Ideally I’d like to filter on the events completed (so at the end of the RACE LIKE A PRO series filter to those doing all 4 races), and also to additionally filter on the race category so I can see how I did vs other D cat riders only.

Anyone know how to achieve this?

From what you have said and what I think I can see you have already found the basic category filter. Using this category filter and skipping through the ‘pages’ of results you can find the information you have requested in your post.

When you use the ‘D’ category filter which you have done you are 106th. But you are not 106th of 6118 you are 106th of 2373.

The figure you mention of 6118 you have found by going to the last page (page 819) of ALL the categories.

But you want to know that you are 106th out of how many Cat D’s that have actually completed 3 races ? - go to the results, sort by Cat D then skip through the pages until you see the last placed person who has finished 3 races, this is currently page 13 and you will find that rider is in 260th place.

The filter system sorts by those who have done 3 races, then 2 then 1 race. The filter system, AFAIK, doesn’t allow you to exclude those riders having only completed 1 or 2 races but you don’t need to include them in your totals.

Had typed a reply saying I couldn’t find a category filter (which I’ve deleted).

You seemed certain there was, so had a little nosy in the menus and loaded up the series from the Leagues tab. Voila, a category filter.

I was previously going into the series by going into my last race result, then clicking the series from there (as per this screenshot):

Didn’t think there would be an alternate screen with different options, but clearly there is.

Anyway, thanks for the help. This new screen gives me pretty much what I wanted. Competition is important to me, but “false” placement isn’t helpful in that. I know I’m relatively slow, but can now compete each series and try and move from (say top 120 to top 100, top 80 etc). Something to push for.

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Seen you on the forums a lot Ian.

So as a man of knowledge :-D, an unrelated question.

In the last race I did, for example, there were two sprints. Do these have any impact on the points I get in the series (2022 Race Like A Pro) or am I best staying at current pace and finishing race as quickly as I can.

Or is is worth sprinting and getting as high as possible.

Im a cycling noob (only just gone back out on a bike outdoors after 30 years!)

I’m assuming sprints play a part else why have them, but do I “go for it” or concentrate more on race finish.

The ZRacing monthly series doesn’t have points for sprints (but that could change in the future) so save your energy Karl. If an event is part of a series that has points for sprints, you should see that in the event description along with reference to which sprints count and whether its for fastest or first through the sprint.

Sprint banners are part a permanent part of the worlds and whilst the leader boards pop up as you approach them, they don’t necessarily have a part to play in the event you are in.

I don’t see this happening without points integration in game.

Great, thanks.

I’ve ignored them till the last race (cos I’m new to Zwift and cycling in general), but decided to go for it a bit more incase it helped my position in the standings.

Oh well… maybe I should ask questions like this beforehand ha ha.

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Most races don’t use points - the ones that do, normally contain that information in the event description.

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