Live Category Rankings

Does anybody know if there is a way to view you live ranking within your category when racing?

My wife is currently Cat D and she said that seeing where she was placed across all riders during the race was a bit demoralising!

I would be grateful for any thoughts or tips on this. If it is not something that is currently available then let’s show that there is a desire for this so that the development team can work their magic!

Cheers :+1:t3:

I usually run Live results on one of my secondary screens.

Good shout mate, cheers. Would still be good if this was available as part of the main screen though, wouldn’t you agree?

Sure I do agree, some races do have separate start pens and in those you will only see people in your starting Cats.

But it is use less and less. This Makes racing for B, C and D groups miserable.

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Give this post a vote then mate and hopefully others will too :+1:t3:

This has be asked so many times. :tired_face::fearful::disappointed_relieved::cry:

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